On September 11, 2001, terrorists attacked America killing and injuring thousands.

We became a nation at war.

A few heard America's call.

Although only 18 or 19 years old, they knew they would go into harm's way.

They did, losing friends, deploying themselves and leading with imperfect information in high stress situations.

In so doing, they became heroes to me.

Now, in their mid thirties, they have completed their military obligations, have their own families and desire to continue to serve something larger than self.

They asked me to help, and together we formed Honor Capital, a Veteran owned, small business, with six post 9/11 Veterans.

As the "old Navy goat" from the Vietnam era, it is an honor to work with them and share my business experiences from the past forty years.  

In less than three years, we've built a system of affordable, fresh food stores revitalizing our communities and improving health outcomes. 

Now, we're focused on using those stores as "Hubs" and delivering affordable, fresh food to "Spoke Communities" in a national effort called "Hub & Spoke" to ease food insecurity and improve health in under-served, rural, and transportation challenged communities. 

Please help us.


Thank you.


Jim Allen, President

Honor Capital A(Final Revision#4)